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Customized to your needs
Rotary coaters, produced in Asia but with the engineering and technical knowledge from Europe.

Different sizes available(150 mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 800mm). Manual or automated systems(single or double).
for affordable and perfectly coated seeds
Excellent recovery
Outstanding distribution
No seed damage
Gentle emptying system
Easy to use technology
The best quality/price ratio
For technical specifications and prices, do not hesitate to contact us
A well thought design
This coater has been designed for coating seeds, but with a minimal adjustment the machine can be perfectly adapted to pelletize or incrust the seeds. The machine also has an outstanding balance between simplicity and controllability. Last, but not least, the machine can also be adapted to fit in our automatic coating process system
Setup & Training
Rung Rueng Consulting is based in Thailand. This facilitates the setup of the machine and the training of your staff by truly professionals. We are also available to help you with the setup of fine-tuning of your recipies and protocols as well as the supply of all necessary consumables. Last but not least, we can support your operations very fast and this in an affordable way.
Why chooing an RRCoater?
Excellent recovery of the applied products on the seed.
Outstanding distribution of treatments, even with low amounts and short application times.
No damage nor breakage of the seeds due to the compressed air sealing of the spinning disk.
Gentle, fast and complete emptying system.
Easy to use, fast learning curve.
The best quality/price ratio in purchase and application of coating to seed.