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Technical support manager
  Executive level
  Technical support department
The technical support manager is responsible for all activities that are in support for the account managers. Many support activities can be setup but the following three were considered by the board to be of strategic importance:
  Project management – the development of new or enhanced technologies
  Seed quality assessment
  Engineering services for products and/or installations
Administration manager
  Executive level
  Administration department
The administration manager is expected to know almost everything about a company and it’s operations. Therefore he/she has to be multitalented and has to plan, direct and coordinate all supportive services for the company such as all financial services, record keeping, purchases and logistics, telephone operation, human resources, travel organization, receptionist and all other office services. The following positions report to the administration manager
  Bookkeeping and travel organization
  Logistics and purchases
  Financial management
  Reporting system
  Travel organization
  Daily management of the company
Technical engineer
  Manager level
  Technical support department
The technical engineer has to support all project as well as all account managers on technical issues. He/she has to be able to produce detailed lay-outs of machines and installations. Produce blue books that can be used to outsource the production of certain machines at third parties and has to assist in the final check at the completion of these machines/installations. Last but not least he/she has to give the necessary support in training and technical maintenance by the users. His/her task would encompass mechanics, electro-mechanics and sometime even electronics, as well as programming of PLC and/or PC steered equipment, but he/she can also count on external help if needed.
Sales assistant – drying
  Employee level
  Business development department
The sales assistant performs a variety of clerical and administrative activities to support the account manager. The sales assistant is responsible for ensuring the smooth flow ofinformation and follow up for existing and prospective customers. This position reports to the account manager. His primary job is to support the account manager in all tasks related to the account. This function can easily grow into a managerial position, where higher level responsibilities would be added.
Lab assistant
  Bachelor’s Degree in agricultural technology,Horticulture or related field
  Good command of written and spoken English
  Computer literacy of Microsoft office
CMust be self-driven, organized, provide timely communication and possess analytical skills
The lab assistant is responsible for germination testing and ensure all quality assurance procedures. This position report to technical support manager.