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Mission Statement
We want to become the global technology provider for the agricultural industry, in particular we want to focus on the seed industry. We want to achieve this goal through three different channels :

Through development of proven technologies or available knowledge into needed quality systems for the agricultural industry.

Through a technical development, support and engineering for in-house operations, including custom made and standard available technologies.

Trough training sessions and consultancy, making this technical knowledge available to the agricultural industry, worldwide.
Our View on Seed Technology Research
Seed breeding and production, seed processing and enhancement, seed treatments and conditioning, seed marketing and farming practices are all linked together. If we want to optimize the result, we cannot just optimize each field. If we want to maximize the benefits from our efforts, we have to optimize the links between these different fields. Often, better solutions, covering the needs of the users, can be found in previous areas. The old saying “better to prevent than to cure” is purely based on this principle. However, sometimes-adequate solutions cannot be found, and new techniques have to be developed in order to give the users the necessary tools they need. Therefore, seed technology should not just focus on one part of the total chain, but should also improve the interactions between these fields. Rhino Research is thus dedicated to a large part of the chain, and this with strong relationships, contacts, networks and partners covering the whole chain. Rhino Research can deliver solutions that enhance this total chain approach and in this way deliver technologies that will bring a solid improvement to the overall quality of your products.
Our Approach for Innovation Management in Seed Research
Improving technologies is the target of many institutions, academic centers and companies. A huge number of scientists are working worldwide in different fields, trying to find solutions for specific problems. Different papers and patents are filed on a daily base. Many ideas are focused on specific targets and their use is very limited. However, often these technologies can be used as a starting point for new solutions in other areas. In the past, we have been very successful with this approach, and we have build a vast network through different areas and fields, searching for those technologies that could be re-engineered into practical solutions for the agricultural, and more in particular, the seed technological area. One of the major advantages of this approach is that the basic technology already exists, has been proven and that specialists in those fields are available. On the other hand, an open mind, creativity and a complete surround view of the seed technological area are needed. The RR Group can, thanks to her vast network, use this approach and therefore deliver new, advanced technologies covering the needs of the agricultural industry.
Our Role in Agriculture
The results of a crop depend on many factors; the price of the produced item has to be good, the weather conditions have to be favorable, the disease and insect pressure have to be dealt with in an efficient but cost effective way, the variety has to perform (a good genetic), the soil structure and fertilizer scheme have to be optimal, the weeds have to be removed in a cost efficient way, and all this without harming the plant. Adequate water capacity has to be available and last but not least the seeds planted have to be vigorous and uniform. Without a high and homogenous field establishment the seeds do not have the chance to use their genetics to perform. Without a high and homogenous field establishment all other costs, work and efforts performed by the grower will be worthless, without high and homogeneous field establishment you have lost the race, even before it started. The RR Group is dedicated to develop, adapt, setup, train, monitor and control all possible technologies that are playing a role in these aspects of the seeds and agricultural industry.
A World Full of Difference
The RR Group is a leader in seed technology, in seed enhancements, sorting and upgrading, in coating, treatments and pelleting... in seed quality.
But above all, we are a leader in fine-tuning and customizing, in education and training. We are the leader in adapting existing, top technologies to your needs, your wishes.

Most Important Strengths and Core Competencies
Our strongest asset is our unique view and creativity on seed technology and this combined with a huge experience with all the technology aspects used by the seed industry worldwide. Where most other companies have a shortage of ideas, we have an overwhelming abundance of them. This is our greatest challenge at the same time. We do need to stay focused on a few key projects.

The fact that we recognize the difference between knowledge (academic, science...) and technology (usability, creating market value...) also helps us to create a unique position in the market.

Another important fact is that within Rung Rueng Consulting, we have the combination of experience with young dynamics and have setup major strongholds (and contacts) in both Europe and Asia. Our network is a major asset that we will use to bring these new technologies onto the market.