About us

Become the global technology provider and needed quality systems for the agricultural industry. Including technical development, custom made and standard available technologies through training sessions and consultancy, making this technical knowledge available to the agricultural industry, worldwide


Mission & Vision

The "RHINO Mentality" is about developing your emotional, mental and spiritual strengths so that no matter what is faced in life, you will be able to find a way to cope without causing harm to yourself or others. Life will knock you down! There will come a time when you are not sure what to do or how you are going to keep pushing on! The Rhino understands this and uses its strengths and creativity to find a way to pick themselves up and get back in the game of life.

Extract from Chris Swenson


Rhino Focus Points

Delivering total solutions

Including machines, technologies, consumables, training, protocol development, engineering …

Delivering customized solutions

Including re-engineering , fine tuning and tailor made solutions focused towards specific needs.

Delivering long lasting solutions

Including installation and implementations, training and support for all involved departments, measuring results…

Delivering profitable solutions

Including technologies, systems, products and protocols that do make a significant impact on the bottom-line of our customers.