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... RRC310S – Semi Automatic
... RRC310X1 – Full Automatic
Industrial Coating

Industrial coating machine have been designed for coating seeds and with minimal adjustment the machines can

be perfectly adapted for pelleting or encrusting seeds. Our machines have an outstanding balance between simplicity and controllability.

We have various seed coating machines that are manual, semi automatic, and fully automatic coating lines. We can also provide you a training and development to full automatic lines for large scale seed production.From developing machines to coating protocols we are capable of assisting you with all our resources. Our machines come in various sizes and capacities. Because, seed coating capacities can also depend on various protocols and size/volume of seeds. At RHINO™ we try and adapt our technologies to ensure all your needs are met.

So we not only set up the machine but also provide training and protocol development for your seed treatments. We are available to assist you in fine-tuning your recipes as well as help you in the supply of necessary consumables.

“Please talk to us now on how you can also set up your coating line and protocol development”.