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Polymer & Powder

RHINO™ offers new technologies and seed coating products to you, each designed to improve those aspects of production delivered on and in the seed. We offer a customized, growing range of seed coating materials in both liquid and powder forms. These products can be used in the standard film coating, encrusting and pelleting application methods.

Seed Coating PolymerThe users of seed coating polymers expanded to include differentiation between seed lots, or seed companies, improved distribution of active ingredients and better flow ability.

Custom PolymerWe are able to offer you a customized formulation that better suits your needs. Whether it’s a particular color match, or looking at the problems encountered when developing a receipt for new applications, because we manufacture the polymers, we can control all the different aspects that are key to your specific needs.

Blends for seed coating The selection of pelleting materials has to take into account the moisture and oxygen uptake requirements of the seed.

Key benefits:

Easily mixed with water

Excellent adherence to seed coating materials

Non hazardous

Wide variety of color available

Custom colors available