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Seed Technology

All aspects such as equipment, consumables, procedures, training, support … for the technologies that each seed company needs to perform successfully such as cleaning & upgrading, coating & encrusting, drying & storage and many more.

Lab Coating

The lab coating is a handy tool affordable and easy to operate. Ideal for learning & training, for protocol and recipes development, for coating, encrusting and/or pelleting of samples and/or breeding seed and foundation seeds.

Industrial Coating

A machine that has have been designed for coating seeds this can be perfectly adapted for pelleting or encrusting seeds with minimal adjustment. And this in an economical way with an outstanding balance between simplicity and controllability.

Drying Equipment

From small scale sample drying to a complete inline continuous drying and curing system for your seeds. Using different technologies in a smart and combined manner and deliveringquality drying in a economical and cost-effective manner.

Polymer & Powder

The huge variation in the polymer world needs linking your needs to the most suitable polymers available.From cost-effective agro polymers to the highest performance systems and with the support, protocol development and training, we willensure a smooth and successful implementation.

Priming Unit

The RHINO™ Priming lab is an easy way to start with experiments on seed priming. Based upon osmotic priming the technology is easy to master and to adapt it to own needs.