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Services and Training

The International Seed Academy (ISA) has setup different trainings programs around different seed technologies such as coating, priming, upgrading, vigor analysis, drying & storage and SeedRescue. Combining theoretic knowledge with practical expertise and economics with operational and quality assessments.

Seed Captain Program

Seed Captain Program is an in-depth and intensive training course, which offers professional seed technologists the possibility to acquire a very rigorous theoretical and practical training in different aspects related to seeds, seed quality and seed technology. Through an intensive training program, combining lectures, demonstrations, discussions and hands-on practical, the participants will get all information, training and background to implement practical test system in their own environment.

Seed Academy Workshop

Seed Academy Workshop is a one to two days’ workshop, who covers the theoretical aspect of a specific topic in seed, seed quality and seed technology. The workshop content will highlight on topics from the Seed Captain Program. Lectures and discussion will provide the information and theoretical understanding to be further implemented by the participants in their daily practice.


In order to implement a technology successfully, you need more than just the machines, equipment and/or consumables. Success often depends on the right choices, a correct implementation, a complete training, a correct maintenance scheme and adequate support. We, at Rhino do train people, we help people in setting up a technology and ensuring that these tools become successes for our customers.

Seed Rescue

Seed companies destroy between 30 to 60% of their inventory, just because the seed is obsolete or more often, unsuitable for sales. Sometimes a fresh seed lots is not performing as expected, it could be because of low vigor, dormancy, diseases or other reasons. When stored dry, it does not breath actively, limits chances of disease attack. However, it ages and eventually dies. How can we keep it alive and vigorous as long as possible? How can we save the good seeds out of a bad lot? What can be the cause of poor quality and how to prevent it next time? This is what we will review and answer with you during our Seed Rescue course. This includes theoretical aspects of seed development, maturation, postharvest management, proper drying and storage and hand on training to give deep insight into all related tests and processes.

Seed Storage

The moisture level of seeds is very much influenced by the relative humidity of the surrounding environment. Less well known is that also the seed physiology and temperature also play a role. When harvesting seeds, drying, giving moist seed treatments and during storage; it is very important to keep track on all these factors. This module will assess the existing technologies and introduce newer systems as well. Practical sessions will ensure the total understanding of drying systems and their relation to the physiology of the seeds. Under dry conditions seed deterioration is due to oxidation, but how important is the role of oxygen in this process? We shall look into alternate suitable possibilities.

Seed Coating, Encrusting & Pelleting

Many seed companies are struggling to do in-house seed coating efficiently however several of them fail to do so. If it is decided to continue, how should we proceed further? Where can we get advice and technical support. How can we ensure better quality at an affordable cost? The investment is one part of the equation however the choice between system, products, procedures and technologies are extremely important that could be achieved through ISA course. Once you acquire subjected skills, it is highly useful to develop your own recipes and formulations to achieve the targeted goals.

Dry Chain Training Progarm

Moisture has always been a major issue in agriculture, and especially in the food industry. The storability of produced food, feed, seeds, herbs and spices and other agricultural products is only possible when we can keep the moisture contents in these products to a sufficiently lower level. Therefore, Rhino intends to continue with the Dry Chain Training Program (DCTP), focusing on drying and storage of seeds on the scientific basis (and calculation systems), including the organizational part, how to ensure that the technology would perform as expected, and even the economics. We strongly believe that this “minimal” investment will bring multiple advantages to your company. Resultantly, your management will have a much deeper understanding about the moisture and humidity, seed quality, drying and storage as well as packaging of the seeds.